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New website

In an attempt to consolidate several blogs – this blog has now moved to This is Dr Darryl Charles website who is the course leader for game development degrees on the Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster, and is also the leader of the local games research group. On he posts information on game development/research that is relevant to him and Computing @ Coleraine.

Posted by: darrylkc | October 15, 2007

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup XNA competition

Just a reminder to our students who learning XBox 360 development that this year’s Imagine Cup has an XNA game development section.

Posted by: darrylkc | October 15, 2007

Games Events for Schools announced

We have two exciting events for schools this year.

  1. Our traditional annual games fair and competition.
  2. An introductory Xbox 360 game development workshop.

Both events are free and open to school and college students of age 16+. Preferably attendees will have some experience programming at school or as a hobby.

See attachment for more details.


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Open Day at UUC

David Gibson and Chris Hanna were on hand to help out with open day yesterday. David demonstrated the Imagine Cup software and Chris showed his Xbox 360 Arcade Live style game to interested students. Chris received the highest marks for his final year project on the Computing degree at UUC last year. His project demonstrated dynamic learning techniques for computer game agents.

Photos of open day may be found here: 

Posted by: darrylkc | July 30, 2007

Imagine Cup 2008 Theme

UUC TeamUUC TeamLast year a C3 team from UUC obtained 2nd place in the Imagine Cup:

and we will be looking for enthusiastic students to participate in next year’s competition on the theme of “The Sustainable Environment”.

Contact Dr Darryl Charles or Dr Michaela Black for further detailUUC TeamUUC Teams.

Information on last year’s successful team can be found here.

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Welcome to the C3 Blog

This site is jointly updated by students and staff to highlight activities of the C3 society and it may also include reviews and commentary.

We will begin by importing some of the key stories from the previous site.